How renters and small investors can invest in real estate in their own communities.

Rising real estate prices benefit homeowners and real estate investors – but renters and small investors often find themselves unable to invest due to Vancouver’s high prices.

For the Trout Lake project, we partnered with AddyInvest, a young property technology company developing a software platform that enables large numbers of investors to own small shares of real estate. Our team designed, constructed, and sold two half-duplexes in one of the most desirable areas in Vancouver, and through AddyInvest, hundreds of investors and neighbours in the community were able to invest in the project and profit when the final half-duplexes were sold.

We love that our partnership with AddyInvest allowed smaller investors to invest modest amounts in real estate while still having funds available for other uses. Members of the community were able to physically see the property they owned as it was being constructed, fostering a sense of pride and involvement.

Check out AddyInvest here.

We are currently accepting acquiring more multiplex projects. To learn more, visit our Develop with Tomo page.